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Tazorac for Adult Acne and Side Effects

Tazorac for adult acne is a retinoid (vitamin A) based gel or cream that you need to have prescribed by your doctor.

It is generally used to treat psoriasis, but is also used for acne. There is a high percentage of patients that report side effects when using tazorac for adult acne.

10% to 30% of acne patients on tazorac gel at 0.1% concentration had these reactions

  • burning and stinging skin
  • dry skin
  • pruritis
  • itching

1% to 10% had more serious side effects including:

  • skin discoloration
  • skin pain
  • side effects of tazorac for adult acneskin fissures
  • localised swelling
  • irritation

As tazorac for adult acne is retinoid based, pregnant women should not use it, and neither should nursing mothers. Like other retinA based preparations, women who are of child bearing age should be on oral contraceptives if using tazorac. There are significant dangers to unborn babies which is why these precautions are in place.

Tazorac for adult acne will also make you more sensitive to sunlight, including sunlamps. These should be avoided, and you should wear sunscreen - at least SPF15. If you are taking any other drugs that cause photosensitivity, such as thiazides, tetracyclines, fluoroquionolones, phenothiazines, and sulfonamides, you should seek medical supervision as they may increase photosensitivity.

Tazorac should not be used on more than 20% of the body at one time. And it should not be used on the eyes, eyelids or mouth.

For more information on tazorac for adult acne, click here.

As can be seen, tazorac does have some pretty big disadvantages. Fortunately, there are some very effective natural alternatives to tazorac for adult acne that work just as well. They actually keep acne away, even when the course of treatment is finished. That's good news if you don't want to have to keep shelling money out for ongoing treatments. You can find out more at the above link.









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