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Propionbacterium Acnes Explained

Propionbacterium acnes (actually spelled propionibacterium acnes) is the bacteria that is present in the skin condition known as acne. It is not however the sole 'cause' of acne. It is simply one factor in the illness.

The inflammation of acne is caused by propionbacterium acnes (nee propionibacterium acnes). This is the redness and irritation on the skin. Its caused by enzymes called lipases within the bacteria. These lipases produce free fatty acids as by products of their metabolic processes. These free fatty acids lead to inflammation and irritation of the cells. Acne is associated by increased levels of this organism in the skin, as well as a build up in dead skin cells.

Propionbacterium acnes (nee propionibacterium acnes) is not the sole cause of acne, and controlling the population of bacteria is only one element in an effective acne approach.

A most effective approach looks at the hormonal condition of the body as well - specifically the balance of androgen (male) hormones). Too much is a factor in acne, which is why men so often get acne particularly as teenagers.

An effective acne approach also takes into consideration how well the body is able to clean itself of toxic by products, at a cellular level as well as generally through the bowels and liver. Some natural methods used for this include the herbs St Mary's Thistle and burdock.

And to help with the over production of free fatty acids, supplementation with essential fatty acids is recommended. This will help normailse fatty acid levels in the skin.

Propionbacterium acnes (nee propionibacterium acnes) is often targeted with many over the counter products. These can be useful for treating the superficial symptoms of acne, provided they don't dry out the skin too much. And that you acne is not too severe. Many people have sensitive skin which dries out too much with a lot of oveer the counter products - they are just too abrasive and chemical laden.







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