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Levulan Acne Treatment Discussed

Levulan acne treatment uses levulan ALA topical solution applied to the affected areas. It is left on the skin for up to an hour, and then a blue light applied for up to 8 minutes.

Levulan is used to treat acne as well as pre cancerous skin lesions, sun damaged skin, sebaceous hyperplasia and oily skin.

The treatment is relatively painless, although sensations like tingling, stinging and burning can be felt on the areas being treated. Afterwards there is generally redness and sometimes swelling, which disappears within 4 weeks following treatment.

Levulan ALA acne treatment works by selectively targeting the sebaceous glands that it is absorbed into. It is converted into a photosensitizer when it has been absorbed, and the blue light then activates it. This leads to shrinking of the sebaceous glands, which improves acne.

Levulan acne treatments shouldn't be used on people with porphyria, or allergies to the chemicals porpyhrins. Also if people are on medications which make them sensitive to light, like thiazides, tetracyclines, sulfonylureas, phenothiazines or any others, the doctor should be notified.

Levulan ALA treatments are used on moderate to severe cystic acne. Usually 2 - 4 treatments are needed, and these are given about a month apart.

However, some people have found a viable alternative to levulan acne treatments, and much cheaper. It also has the advantage in being a long term solution, and effective on moderate acne. It may be effective on severe acne as well, and it's worth a try as they have a compelte money back guarantee. You can find out more ifnormation at the above link.










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