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Dirt and Acne

Many false perceptions about acne had been going around for years and seem to have established themselves as truths. However majority of these were utterly refuted through the latest researches and studies done on the real causes of the skin disorder.

Notably, these misbelief's may present logical solutions or proofs to help patients believe in their reality. But in many instances, these logical presentations of facts are resulting to the aggravation of the skin condition. Take for example the issue on over consumption of chocolates and other dairy products. It has been known for years that chocolates may trigger the outbreaks of acne because of its extra oil contents not including the nuts incorporated in the ingredients or other derivatives of dairy products. To disprove this notion, researches have established that the food items do not directly affect the production of acne.

In a sense, this has some relation with the hormonal imbalance and the body’s reactions to the food taken into the digestive system. This in effect will affect the release of androgens which are known to trigger the over production of sebum, the oily substance found in the skin. But above all these, chocolates still do not affect in any way, either by worsening the case or decreasing the intensity of the acne outbreaks.

Another good example is the “dirt-related acne”. To stress the point, acne is never a product of improper hygiene, in other words, dirt. Fundamentally, it is again the result of over-active sebaceous glands.

Dirt is not the cause of acne. Washing the face or keeping the skin clean at any condition is not to expel the dirt from the skin, it is only to prepare the skin for further treatment. Actually, it is unhealthy to wash the skin for more than twice a day because this may further aggravate the condition by spreading the infection into other sections of the skin tissues.

Moreover, it is not dirt that clogs the skin pores but the accumulation of dead cells, bacteria and white blood cells which plugged the pilosebaceous canals embedded deep within the skin layers. This mixture, when trapped in the hair follicles may infect or inflame the skin.

Blackheads are not black because of dirt. This name is given to blackheads because of the presence of the melanin in the sebum, which when exposed to air turns black. Actually, blackheads and whiteheads have almost the same characteristics and are formed in the same manner, only differing on the layer of skin where they can be found. Whiteheads are typically found in closed pores which are situated deeper in the skin. On the contrary, blackheads are situated in open clogs near the surface of the skin.

Though dirt does not actually cause acne growth, this doe not negate the fact that one must always maintain a healthy and clean skin. It is recommended that an acne-inflicted person should take at least two baths a day. If this cannot be done, then a better alternative is to wash the face regularly. But in doing so, one must not use harsh soaps because this does not only aggravates the condition but will also wash away the amount of skin oil needed by the skin. It is not true that sebum have no substantial value for the skin, it helps in lubricating the skin tissues so it would not become extremely dry. 


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