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The Digestive System and Acne

The digestive system is instrumental to breaking down foods into amino acids, fatty acids, sugars and glycerine so it can be transported into the blood stream and will ultimately be utilized by the body to perform bodily functions. In a sense, the body is the machine and the engine is the digestive system. The machine is solely dependent on the fuel or the nutrients extracted from the digested food in order to efficiently drive the body.

This is the most important function of all organs included in the digestive system. It is useless to eat the best food in the world if your digestive system does not work properly. A sluggish digestive system may be pointed as the real cause of many skin disorders and skin diseases such as eczema, boils, acne and even body odour. All these owe their existence to a malfunctioning digestive system.

The nourishment of the body and over-all health relies on the good reduction of food elements in the digestive tract into useful components. The failure of the digestive system to do this may result in overfatigue and stress, as well as the production and fermentation of body toxins which may give rise to skin diseases, including acne. If this condition stays unresolved, other body systems may be severely affected and ultimately destroying the whole body.

Also, a sluggish digestive system may be due to lack of Hydrochloric acid which is essential in digestive processes. The following are reasons that will affect the level of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach:

  • attacks of P. helicobactor
  • excessive intake of junk foods
  • lessened nutrient intake
  • excess dietary sugar and fats
  • hypothyroidism
  • malfunctioning adrenalin glands

Several diseases are associated with hydrochloric acid depletion which includes adult acne and many other serious diseases and skin disorders like arthritis, fatigue, muscle cramps and multiple skin allergies.

Long term use of antibiotics may also cause the depletion of HCL in the stomach. Acne may be a manifestation of impaired immune system which may be due to the reaction of the body to the excess chemicals found in antibiotics. The impairment of the immune system and sluggish digestive system may both contribute the flaring-up of acne. Since skin is the largest organ in the body, it provides the outlet for internal toxicity and chemical imbalances in body tissues and organs.

Normally, antibiotics are prescribed for typical and minor ailments. in doing this, the bacteria in the body that are causing the infections will develop immunity to specific types of antibiotics. Antibiotics may suppress the many symptoms of ailments in the body, they may hide the existing problems but in return they are weakening the immune system, thus aggravating the condition of the skin disease.

Studies have established that diet plays a vital role in acne production. This is the reason why people in the countries who are not following Western diet have fewer cases of acne outbreaks on serious levels. Western diet is generally less healthy than those followed in the East.

There are three processes that are necessary to sustain the ideal level for human health:

  1. Appropriation- or the process of taking in the food items, fluids, chemicals.
  2. Assimilation- or the processes involved in absorbing the nutrients extracted from the food taken.
  3. Elimination- or the processes of excreting or expelling toxins and body wastes.



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