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Diets To Clear Acne Explained

Before going into the detail of diets to clear acne, lets look at the foundations of good health.

By improving your general health, you support your body's ability to function at its maximum. This helps your body's ability to regulate its hormone levels, eliminate toxins and by-products of digestion, and more. - Including an improved immune system.

And the foundation of this is increasing your daily consumption of fruit and vegetables. Doing so gives you a chance to get naturally the vitamins that help support acne free skin. Also, limit your intake of overly processed food (like bread and pasta and tinned foods). Processed food provides little of the micronutrients that support good health.

Low to Medium Carb Diets To Clear Acne

Recent research has shown there may be promise in low to medium carb diets to clear acne. Such diets include the Atkins diet, the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, the Hamptons Diet, the Glycemic Index Diet, the Neander Thin Diet, the Protein Power Diet, the Schwarzbein Principle, Somersizing, the South Beach Diet, Sugar Busters, the Zone Diet, Thin For Good, the 7-Day Low-Carb Rescue and Recovery Plan, and Living Low Carb. Watch this space for a free e-course that will provide an introduction to each of these diets so you can see which ones resonate with you. In the meantime, I have written a number of articles on the Atkins Diet, and the Zone Diet.

Traditional Chinese Recommendations to incorporate into Diets to Clear Acne

In Chinese medicine, acne is considered to be a symptom of excess heat in the body. The Chinese guidelines for diets to clear acne are simple - they find some foods increase heat in the body, and some foods decrease it. The idea is to have less of one and more of the other. When the Chinese talk of heat, it is one of what they call the 8 principles, which include 'full', 'empty' and others. So they have specific meanings that they attribute to these ideas that are sometimes a little different to how we westerners think of them.

Examples of foods to avoid are: drugs, stimulants (like caffeine), peppers, sugars (including fruit juices), alcohol, and excess meat. (Michael Tierra, Planetary Herbology).

Tierra also mentions a traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formula to help clear heat - Formula 15. The natural acne treatment that I recommend by Zen Med (TM) also uses traditional Chinese medicine principles in the acne formulations, and its a readily available alternative for those interested in this approach.









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