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Copper Acne Creams Help Treat Scarring

Copper acne creams have been used successfully in improving pigmentation and reducing scarring.

In particular, copper peptide creams have had results demonstrated by many user's experiences.

Loren Pickart is a researcher and founder of the company producing these copper peptide creams, that help remodel skin and reverse the effects of aging. Its a process that takes a few months however, as it is not a simple topical cover-up.

Copper peptide creams are the "body's natural signals that repair and restore damaged and aged tissue" . They have a strong anti-inflammatory effect, and stimulate the removal of damaged and older skin. Plus they increase the production of collagen, elastin and other skin-regenerating molecules and cells.

These products can be used all over your face for an overall improvement in skin tone and texture. They help reduce wrinkles also.

Some of the copper acne creams are combined with retinol and beta-hydroxy acids to augment the exfoliation of old scar tissue and skin cells. Recommendations for acne sufferers are the lipid-free products such as CP Serum with copper peptides and Exfol Serum.

copper acne creams used to treat scarsRecommendations for those using benzoyl peroxide with these products is to apply one in the evening and one in the morning ie. its best not to apply the benzoyl peroxide and copper peptide creams at the same time of day.

These are for scars only, not for treating acne, so if you have active acne, other products and treatments will be required. You can use these products in conjunction with other acne treatments however. They recommend TriReduction Basic Protect and Restore Cream when you have an acne breakout, and CP serum can also be used.

For more information on copper acne creams, click here.

Copper in the Body

Metabolically, copper is part of our enzymes. It helps synthesize the hemoglobin found in red blood cells, and protects the bones against osteoporosis. Its also a great antioxidant, and is linked to having lower levels of total cholesterol and higher amounts of good cholesterol. Within cells, copper is involved in cellular respiration and the release of energy. We only need 1.5 to 3mg of copper per day.


Whilst such a topical treatment is great for reducing scarring, to really treat acne successfully a combination of herbal supplements that balance out the body's hormones, in conjunction with a good topical lotion, is one of the most effective. This treatment doesn't use copper acne creams, but it does clear breakouts. - Even when you stop taking the supplements after the course is finished. You can check it out at the above link. 





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