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Biomedic Acne Wash Information

Biomedic acne wash is an antibacterial wash containing salicylic acid and lactic acid. The acids help exfoliate dead skin cells and unplug debris.

Biomedic products require a consultation with Dermstore staff ((530)224-5436) before they can be bought as they are created for specific skin types and conditions. They have products to help with aging, too much sun exposure, pigmentation, hypersensitive skin, and of course, acne.

Different products are used for skin with only occasional acne, and skin with more severe acne.

La Roche Posay, the makers of Biomedic acne wash, classify acne prone skin as skin that is often shiny, with many undefined bumps under the skin, enlarged pores, breakouts for no apparent reason, and skin is greasy by mid afternoon. Skin with active acne is defined as having many sore, undefined bumps under the skin, suffering from information on biomedic acne washcysts and pustules, with blackheads on nose, chin and cheeks, and self esteem suffers because of the way your skin looks.

There's another alternative to biomedic acne wash that's great and easily available (no phone consultation to worry about - no pressure). You can check it out here. It really works.








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