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Tips for Transforming Acne Problems

This experience of an acne sufferer, described below, highlights the impact that acne problems have on those who have to face it. It's interesting, how so many of our problems are magnified to us, when to others, seeing ourselves as we really are, with a perspective we don't have when we're mired in our problems - these same issues are infinitesimal.

Acne problems are very real - and they can have a profound effect on our confidence, and the way we interact with others. But the issue is not so much the acne, as our perception of it. For example, this acne sufferer describes how it affected his confidence with girls. Yes, we may not feel confident at times - whether it is acne that triggers that lack of self confidence, or weight issues, or not 'fitting in'.

But the root cause, the problems with confidence and self-perception, will come up again, in a different form, until we deal with that issue. It may not be acne that triggers it next time, or it may be. But focusing on a solution to acne problems is only part of the picture. As well as working on our skin, we need to work on the issues it is triggering, and come to a point of self acceptance, and self love. Ever wondered how the ugly, but funny and confident guys, get the beautiful girls in the end? Find out who you really are - love that, and be that. Not only will acne problems be much easier to ride through, but you know you'll be able to face any of life's challenges with aplomb and grace.

"When I was thirteen years old, I had what could be described as “acne problems.” That's the understatement of the year! I was a “pizza face”, I looked like the surface of the moon. I felt insecure all the time about my appearance. I was practically afraid to leave the house.

Of course, feelings of insecurity are a common part of adolescence. It's a difficult period of one's life. The body is changing, different hormones are racing through the blood stream. Suddenly, the adult world, the real world, doesn't seem so far away. And of course, for the first time I was noticing the ladies.

It was that which made the acne problems so embarrassing. My friends, most of whom were also guys, didn't really care if I had acne or not. To them, all that mattered was that I still hung out to ride bikes and play video games and pickup football. But with the girls, it was another matter. It's just hard to feel confident at that age as it is, and even harder when you're not confident about your appearance."

  • What don't you like about yourself? Why? Where does this feeling come from? Are you measuring yourself against others, against some vision of perfection, an ideal? When you look at others around you, whom you think represent that ideal, do you really think they don't have their own issues?

    We in our essence are already perfect. The question is, how do we bring that 'perfection' into our awareness and experience, in the here and now? Does endless self criticism bring a sense of peace, a peace that makes you want to go out into the world, into your social sphere, in a joyous and positive way, in a way that adds to the richness of life itself? Let go of those false, static ideas of perfection! Let go of those ideas of how you think the world wants you to be, how your friends want you to be, how some girl or guy you haven't met wants you to be. Honestly, would you be happy with someone who didn't see past your face anyway? Are you happy with yourself when you don't see past your face, past your acne problems?

"At first, I used cleansers and exfoliants, but these only seemed to make the problem worse. I'd put on the cleanser and the skin would turn red and dry, and begin to peel. Now even the parts of my skin without acne looked puffy and irritated!

I begged my mom to take me to the doctor, but she insisted I was fine just the way I was. I sure didn't feel fine. Finally, she took me into the dermatologist. She barely looked at me, and handed me a prescription for my acne problem – a cream which I was supposed to put on my face. I took this to mean that it was a miracle cure-all, so effective in treating acne that it was obviously the right choice for everybody. And it did start working, almost immediately, but after a couple days, my skin problems were back, as bad as ever. I began to despair of ever finding a cure for my acne problem.

The strange thing is that, in all this time, no one had ever told me about the roll of nutrition in both causing and preventing acne. Fortunately, I had a friend who's mother was a nutritionist. Almost overnight when she was thirteen, she developed terrible acne – even worse than mine. Then, a week later, as if by magic, it was almost completely gone. I asked her what was her secret, and she told me – it was as simple as avoiding greasy foods, and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I was skeptical at first, but I figured it was worth trying.

I eliminated all unhealthy foods from my diet. It took longer than I would have thought, but I stuck with it. Within a month, my acne problems were mere acne inconveniences. And a few weeks after that, they were gone. I don't know if this solution will work for everyone. Probably, for some people, even with a healthy diet the cleansers and medications are necessary. But if acne is making your life miserable, eating balanced, nutritious meals is certainly worth a try!"

Our problems, be they acne problems or other problems, can be great teachers, highlighting things we need to look at within. There may be things we need to take care of externally, things that can help, like nutrition. But fundamentally, we need to shift our attitude. Then we don't need our problems anymore.



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