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Acne Diet Tips: Teenagers should be careful about eating too much bread. US scientists believe that the refined sugar and grain in bread may increase insulin levels. And a link has been found between high insulin levels and acne in previous studies. (this acne diet tip from a BBC report)Eating too much bread may trigger acne in teenagers.

This link between acne and insulin levels has implications for adult acne sufferers also. And in particular for those with sensitivities to carbohydrates - hypoglycemics and hyperglycemics. So whilst chocolate may not 'cause' acne, the chain reaction it can start in some people who have sensitive blood sugar levels, may imply it is best avoided or minimised.

Other carbohydrates that have been noted to have a strong effect on blood sugar levels includes potatos and potato chips, rice crackers and puffed rice products. For more information check out books covering the glycemic index.

Related to this acne diet news is that some dermatologists have had success with clients when they have placed them on a low carbohydrate diet.

The Atkins diet is a little extreme, but a great option might be the Zone diet, which is very balanced and still gives you the minimum level of carbohydrate intake that is considered safe for the body.

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