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What Use Are Vitamin Treatments For Acne?

There is no complete cure for acne. Though vitamins may help offset the risks of acquiring and birth of acne, they cannot clear up acne. But, they may be able to help maintain a healthy body while expelling some causes like poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and stress. Vitamins may be vital in treating the over-all physiology of the person affected with this skin condition which includes the promotion of a healthier body and support to the body’s internal system.

The human body is a complex system of internal and external organs is considerably hard to deal with in relation with the balance or the maintenance of internal state of balance. Stress, considered as a cause of acne breakouts, may deplete the body of internal resources and may affect internal processes. Moreover, it may weaken the immune system, thus providing an increased vulnerability to bacterial infections. It may suppress the system and may result to malfunctioning digestive system which may result to lack of important minerals and vitamins. A number of these vitamins are essential in the cellular works and in providing energy.

The capacity of the body to create energy in maintaining cellular processes and to provide life’s basic nutrients may be enhanced by vitamins. Therefore, the lack of such may depreciate many of the body’s functions. I line with this, vitamins supplements may complement for the vitamins that were not extracted from the foods which are necessary in acne treatment.

One such vitamin is the Vitamin A. this is noted to provide acne-free skin for people who have been inflicted with the skin disease and those that are showing signs of becoming afflicted. Vitamin A has the same functions as with the retinoids and isotretonoin, without the risks of birth imperfections in unborn fetuses.

Retinol is the common term used for Vitamin A. this is essential for proper vision as well as healthy mucous membranes and skin. Oxidation is caused by diminished retinol level which may result to the production of toxins in the cells. Vitamin E may curb this oxidation, in effect restores the normal retinol level.

Also, Vitamin E is noted to have the property for skin repair and the retardation of cellular aging. Being an antioxidant, this vitamin may protect the the cellm membranes from potential damage. Through its property of eliminating harmful free radicals, it is able to help maintain healthy skin during the process of cellular metabolism. Studies made proved that Vitamin E can help in the recovery of the skin inflicted with acne. This also may help in the reduction of scars left by acne.

Zinc on the other hand plays the vital role of absorbing Vitamin A as well as in regulating the leve of Vitamin E in the blood stream. It may also help boost the immune system and may also kille acne-causing bacteria. Thus, depleting infections brought by such.

Moreover, Selenium is known for the maintenance of the skin’s elasticity.  It also boosts the activity of body antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential in preventing the scattering of oxidative cellular cells that may attack cellular cells found in all major body’s systems.  Along with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B-carotene, Selenium prevents the birth of free radicals and other harmful elements, including peroxides.

The mineral Magnesium is an effective aid in balancing the body hormones. Hormones and hormonal imbalances are known to be the cause for many acne breakouts.




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