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Acne Scar Removal For Ice-Pick Scars

Acne generally leaves scars that are quite difficult to get away with. This usually derives from the chronic condition of the skin disease. The most prevalent form of acne scar is the ice-pick scars that are characterized as crater-like in texture and may often appear on the face, shoulders, arms and the buttocks. However, there are developed methods of removing and smoothing the scars left, depending of course on the health condition, age and severity of the acne-inflicted skin tissues.

Typically, the mildest form of acne that afflicts most people does not leave scars but if it does, they will heal over time. However, acne scars left by Nodulycystic acne may leave scars that are deep-seated into the skin tissue.

Moreover, there are skin pigmentations that may appear like scars but in actuality, are scar-related spots. Macules are a pseudo-scar that may be caused by inflamed acne abrasions. It is the final stage in the healing process of any inflamed acne lesions, which appears like flat, red spots. Macules may take some time before they completely disappear; nonetheless they don’t leave any traces behind once they vanished.

There are two categories of acne scars when the basis of grouping is the shape of the tissue. There is the scar that consists of increased skin tissue and one type, which is characterized by decrease in the tissue. The overgrowth in scar tissue is termed as Keloids, which was of African-American origin while the more common form is the ice-pick scar.

Now, who qualifies for an acne scar removal?

acne scar removal for ice pick scarsThis is first determined by a doctor through your health status. It is important that you are not presently affected by diseases of any sorts or should you have pre-existing unhealthy conditions, you might be declined for further procedures. 

Considering that you are qualified, the doctor may still delay your operation if acne flares up during this period. Your scheduled treatment may be moved to another schedule until the pre-existing acne condition disappears or until the possibility of contamination with other body parts are set under control. If however this condition persists, your doctor may give you medications as a preparation of your acne treatment.

It is important to note that doctors consider some acne scars as totally irremovable. The skin of the acne-afflicted patient may not recover the skin he has before the onset of the skin disease. Still, it may give substantial improvements.

Dermatologists have developed several methods of lessening acne scars and in some certain cases; these may also help in complete acne scar removal:

  • A doctor may remove the skin’s top layers using an abrasive instrument called as electric sander. This method, dermabrasion, leaves the skin smooth and healthy after a period of reddening.

  • Another method of removing scars is the punch grafts. Small patches of the skin from another body part and are implanted to the deep holes made by the acne scars. Usually, the skin that will be transplanted will come from the ear lobe or the upper part of the thigh, depending on the amount of skin needed.

  • If the condition of the acne scar is not severe, doctors usually recommend chemical peels. The chemical, after removing the top layers of the skin will allow a regeneration of the skin tissue on the affected area.

  • Collagens are also used to replace severely damaged or destroyed pores and cells, collagens are generally injected into the skin.

 There exist other methods of acne scars treatments. Several of which are laser treatment, steroid injection and plastic surgery for severe cases.

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