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How To Squeeze A Pimple Properly

Acne can be cleaned using natural or synthetic cleansers, and a proper treatment may then be selected. Squeezing pimples should not replace a good acne treatment regime, however.

Gently squeezing white pimples that are at the surface will not usually lead to scarring and may be effective to a certain degree.  However, if you squeeze a pimple that is well below the surface of the skin, it may leave a scar and is not recommended as an effective step for acne cure. 

If you have a lesion with a swelling, then you should ask your dermatologist for ways to reduce it. Alpha hydroxy acid may help prevent a small pimple from becoming large and swollen. If you treat and care for your skin regularly, it can help prevent future whiteheads from forming and be the first step for an effective acne cure.

Here’s one method of popping a pimple:

  • Have a warm bath or shower so that your skin softens
  • Remove all make up and wash your face carefully
  • Wash your hands with disinfectant to prevent infection.
  • Sterilize a clean needle on a flame.
  • Now gently prick the pimple tip with the needle
  • Take toilet paper or clean tissue and wrap it around your fingers
  • Gently apply pressure to the sides of the pimple and slowly ease out the pus. Stop when clear fluid or blood emerges.

If you attempt pimple popping, remember to do this only for pimples which have whiteheads sticking out. Do not try to force whiteheads that are below the surface of the skin, as you run the risk of squeezing the acne bacteria back into your skin. Wait for it to grow out of your skin or use the following method:

Soak a piece of sterile gauze in a mixture of warm salt water and hold the gauze on the spot for 5-10 minutes. The salt water will help dry out the pimple and draw it to the surface of the skin. Attempt to squeeze out a pimple only if you see the whitehead sticking out.




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