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What Is The Truth Behind Diet-Associated Acne?

For years now, the debate on whether diet and food intake has some effects on acne has not been settled. However, it is becoming clearer that food items may not really be the direct cause of acne breakout, but the released chemicals during the process of metabolism for certain foods.  These particular chemicals may directly cause the onset of acne and may therefore worsen the pre-existing acne condition or may trigger its outbreak.

Acne may be triggered by the extra sebum production through the male hormone testosterone. Meat and meat products contain hormones and hormone-like substances which may significantly affect the body's hormonal balance. There are recorded cases and observations by beauticians that people who are regular meat consumers generally more likely to develop acne breakouts.  This is true because steroids and hormones are to be found in certain meat types. Studies show that an outstanding 90% of acne is caused by eating food items that may cause acne while the remaining percentage is partly due to hormonal factors.

Acne develops because of clogging in the hair follicles of the skin. This happens when excessive sebum is produced and accumulates in the pores. The sebum creates a plug when it mixes with dead cells formed the walls of the hair follicles, these then closes. These overfilled pores are then attacked by bacteria which creates irritation and inflammation.

To prevent the formation of acne, the following is done. The pores are unclogged, then sebum formation is reduced, then the bacteria are killed alongside with the reduction in the inflammation.

Notably, Western diets are dominated with high-fat contents primarily of dairy products. These therefore may be the reason behind the considerable number of people in the West that are acne-infected. In the east however, people thrive on carbohydrates and low fat food items that are generally composed of vegetables and fruits. This is why there shows no acne or too little manifestations in people in this region.

Acne production is also affected by foods that are hard to digest and may tarry the digestive processes of the body. Sluggish digestive system may give rise to all forms of skin disorders. It is therefore essential that people infected with acne are conscious that their diets are fiber-rich and plant-based for it will aid in the process of metabolism and may even the clean the digestive tract. Consumption of lots of liquid, especially water, must also be incorporated in the diet. Together with fruits and a daily serving of seed oil for these may recover some of the lost nutrients in the body. Oily fishes must also be included in the diet as these may supplement for some essential fatty acids. Whole grains, lentils and beans and root vegetables may also aid in avoiding the onset of acne. On the other hand, alcohol and caffeine intake must be avoided.

In a sense, a healthy diet aids the body in keeping a healthy skin.  Though there is no direct link between diet and acne, specific body maintenance may decrease the chance for one to acquire acne because this will improve the body's immune system and may help in acne treatment. Fundamentally, a healthy diet is composed of vegetables, fruits, whole grain and multi-grain foods, carbohydrates, fibers, and a frequent intake of seed oil and mineral oils.

Daily consumption of fruits may prove helpful in providing by antioxidants that may help you get rid of acne.





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