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Acne Marvelon Guide

Acne Marvelon: Marvelon is a contraceptive pill similar to the popular Diane in that it is low dose. It differs by containing desogestrel, whereas Diane has cyproterone acetate. They are both successfuly used in treating acne for women who prefer to combine their acne treatment with an oral contracpetive. Obviously, being a contraceptive pill, it is of no use to male acne sufferers as it is not created for their hormonal system.

In a study done on Oriental women, marvelon was effective in treating acne. But no advantage was found over Diane, which was equally effective. So whichever is used is a matter for personal preference.

The following is a list of acne marvelon preparations found in the US:

Alesse 3, Brevicon 5, Demulen 1/35 2, Demulen 1/50 2, Desogen 1, Estrostep 4, Estrostep Fe 4, Genora 0.5/35 5, Genora 1/35 5, Genora 1/50 6, Intercon 0.5/35 5, Intercon 1/35 5, Intercon 1/50 6, Jenest 5, Levlen 3, Levlite 3, Levora 0.15/30 3, Loestrin 1/20 4, Loestrin Fe 1/20 4, Loestrin 1.5/30 4, Loestrin Fe 1.5/30 4, Lo/Ovral 8, Mircette 1, ModiCon 5, Necon 0.5/35 5, Necon 1/35 5, Necon 1/50 6, Necon 10/11 5, N.E.E. 1/35 5, N.E.E. 1/50 5, Nelova 0.5/35E 5, Nelova 1/35E 5, Nelova 1/50M 6, Nelova 10/11 5, Nordette 3, Norethin 1/35E 5, Norethin 1/50M 6, Norinyl 1+35 5, Norinyl 1+50 5, Ortho-Cept 1, Ortho-Cyclen 7, Ortho-Novum 1/35 5, Ortho-Novum 1/50 6, Ortho-Novum 7/7/7 5, Ortho-Novum 10/11 5, Ortho Tri-Cyclen 7, Ovcon-35 5, Ovcon-50 5, Ovral 8, Tri-Levlen 3, Tri-Norinyl 5, Triphasil 3, Trivora 3, Zovia 1/35E 2, Zovia 1/50E 2.

For information on the side effects associated with birth control pills, see my article here.

acne marvelon informationCriticisms of acne marvelon from people who have used it are that whilst it worked to clear their acne when they were taking it. It stopped working once they stopped using it. So its not a 'permanent cure'. But for those happy to take oral contraceptives, its definitely an option worth considering.

But for those looking for a more long term approach, who are interested in something that clears acne even when you stop taking it, you might want to check out this information on this acne marvelon alternative. They've actually got a money back guarantee, which is a pretty safe deal (and they honor it). 







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