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Coping With Acne In Teenage Years

A common misconception among people is that teenagers alone are prone to acquiring acne. In line with this is the thought that once a person is out of his teen age years, there is no longer a chance for him to experience the same risk of acne breakouts. This is utterly false because in a number of cases, acne appears in older ages even until one is already past 40. It is in fact a chronic problem for some.

Many other misconceptions are considered by most people as truths, a good example of which is too much consumption of chocolate, dairy products and sweets. In truth, studies stated that the only ingredient that worsens acne breakouts is iodine.

Acne is mainly hereditary. Due to this, there had not yet been any developed medications that are proven to really stop acne reproduction or at least prevent acne breakout. Three out of four teenagers are found to have acne. So it is clear that 75% of people undergoing the extremely self-conscious stage of human life are with nods and bumps all over their faces. Because of these, majority of teenagers search for ways to contend with this skin disorder.

Many have resolved on using cosmetics as an effective way of covering the scars and the rough skin surface. A number of dermatologists stated that acne infected teens usually look for creams that will mask-off their pimples.  This in effect, shows that image is a vital factor in societies. Teenagers with low self-esteem are often observed to have significant mood swings, depression and eating disorders.

Most teens are often told of not to eat oily foods and chocolates for this may considerably produce acne outbreaks. This had been the belief for around quite a number of years. However, there are still no tangible proofs that eating habits may actually aid acne production in teens. Yet, many dermatologists advise teenagers to refrain from caffeine, alcohol and nuts intakes for these might stimulate the oil glands in the skin. In fact, the only proven item that may aggravate acne breakouts is iodine.

Parents are most often than not should be responsible on helping their teenage sons or daughters in coping with acne problems. Generally, acne infected individuals lose self-esteem for the fear of not being accepted by their peers or that they might be viewed in a different way.

To restrict damage of self-confidence among teens, it is advisable that parents bring their children to dermatologists as soon as an acne outbreak is spotted. This may be able to lessen the chance for a teen to have his head drooped or stay away from peers.

Fear for acne must not also be reinforced through further emphasizing myths on acne like situations associated with eating habits. It is also important that parents should address the proper needs and attention that these youngsters require.  It is recommended that parents advise them, especially in view of too much self-worth on beauty basis. They must also be reminded that acne breakout is an impermanent undertaking for most people.

Though acne cannot be totally eliminated, it can be treated at some degrees so teenagers should not be living in fear and low self-esteem. Besides, it is but usual for the majority of people to undergo this process of developing pimples.




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