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The True Value Of Acne Cleansing And Acne Removal

American Academy of Dermatology proves that acne is caused by several substantial factors, which exclude many of the enduring wrong notions like dirt and poor hygiene, unhealthy foods (especially those that are fat-enriched) and several others.

Unclean skin can be logically resolved through extensive washing. In part, YES but if the issue on acne is involved this statement is no longer true.  Acne is neither dirt-related nor a product of poor hygiene. The main origin of which is the over-excited sebaceous glands which then produce the sebum or the oily substance found only in the skin and may sometimes be incorporated in skin care products and cosmetics. Sebaceous glands are attached on the hair follicles in the skin walls, these regulates the release of sebum into the skin tissues.

This over production of sebum may be due to the excessive release of hormones androgens, estrogens or testosterone.  The skin only requires a certain level of sebum to lubricate the tissues and refrain it from becoming dry. However, if the sebaceous glands produce much more sebum than the skin requires, this then will attract acne-infecting bacteria which in turn would trigger the release of white blood cells. As this happens, the infected area will react and will become inflamed or irritated. 

To some extent, acne may be treated but it may never bring the full recovery for the skin. Since, most causes are internal factors; it is quite hard to distinguish the real causes.

Cleansing the face for acne suppression purposes does not really have that much worth as many may conceive. In actuality, it is only done to wash away the excess sebum in the skin, as to diminish the chance for the bacteria to thrive into the clogged skin pores because dirt is not really pointed as one of the many causes acne. Also, facial washes may release the dead cells, skin debris and unnecessary skin particles from the tissues.

One of the top five recommended facial treatment for acne on the mild level is the benzoyl peroxide. It is known to be a antiseptic which has the property to relive the skin or to some degree, reduce the surface area of the bacterial infection, in a sense it diminishes the amount of “yeast” on the skin surface. It also has oxidizing properties which may bring about the depletion of comedone or the mild acne on the skin tissue.

Benzoyl peroxide may also act as anti-inflammatory, meaning it may prevent the inflammation of the already existing acne. This will reduce the possibility of the swelling of infected pustules and papules, allowing the relief of the infection which often accompanies acne outbreaks. While using benzoyl peroxide, one must be aware that it may bring extreme dryness, so some peeling must be expected.

Some dermatologists may suggest the use of laser to remove unwanted acne scars or for curing acne itself. These for many results to significant changes on scars and sebum reduction, the oily substance produce in the sebaceous glands in the middle layer of the skin. The laser treatment is proven to reduce the ongoing acne and the scars left by them than many of the other over the counter medications and topical and systematic drugs.

However, laser treatment may require special considerations especially in the skin pigmentation (or colour of the skin) of the person who will undergo the treatment.

For example, colored people need the combination of radio and light frequency for best results. Though the energy from the radio frequency tightens the skin, it nevertheless adds to the over-all improvement of the ski tissue and also kills the bacteria.

For fair coloured skins like those of the Caucasians and other ethnic groups, the loss of pigmentation is prevalent in many causes of laser treatment. Over the years, the medical field developed the technology of reducing the loss or restoring the pigmentation lost during the process of treating the acne.

Sometimes it takes an approach that is multi-faceted. Most of the successful natural acne treatments use herbs and vitamins in a supplement, as well as a specially designed cream or wash to fight acne on the surface of your skin. Like nature, this synergy produces very good results. Of course, not all acne supplements and creams are created equal, but the videos of real people sharing their experiences is a real eye opener. You can see them here.


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